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Check out these free short course videos delving into the characteristics, habitats, and sociocultural uses of these indigenous trees. Join botanist Herbert Migiro as he takes us on an educational tour through the forests at our Highland Forest Hub.

Dombeya Torrida

Nile Tulip

Croton Megalocarpus


What is agroforestry? Agroforestry is a collective name for land-use systems and technologies where woody perennials (trees, shrubs, palms, bamboos, etc.) are deliberately used on the same land-management units as agricultural crops and/or animals, in some form of spatial arrangement or temporal sequence. In agroforestry systems, there are ecological and economic interactions between the different components. Agroforestry can also be defined as a dynamic, ecologically based, natural resource management system that, through the integration of trees on farms and in the agricultural landscape, diversifies and sustains production for increased social, economic and environmental benefits for land users at all levels. In particular, agroforestry is crucial to smallholder farmers and other rural communities because it can enhance their food supply, income and health. Agroforestry systems are multifunctional systems that can provide a wide range of economic, sociocultural, and environmental benefits.

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birding checklist

Download this list of all the birds at our Highland Forest Hub—that we know of! See how many you can find when you come & walk through the forest!

Toto Book

“Engaging children with the permaculture principles and ethics through art and nature connection.” This project was very exciting for us as we won the Youth in Permaculture prize in 2019. Download your free Toto book here.

Pamoja Workbooks

A space for creativity, self-exploration, and connecting with nature from your own house and garden! These workbooks are perfect for children to use at home, in school, and in the garden.

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