our hubs

We operate out of three restoration hubs in distinct ecosystems across Kenya.

Kenya has a significant ecological and cultural diversity, which calls for tailored restoration strategies and the need to engage with local communities. Our three Research and Restoration Hubs are in diverse landscapes, including Highland, Coastal, and Savanna. This strategic approach enhances our organization’s capacity to contribute to the effective restoration and conservation of ecosystems in Kenya.

Highland Hub

Located at the Brackenhurst Botanic Garden & Forest, this Global Biodiversity Hub is one of the few remaining green spaces near Nairobi and the only accredited botanic garden in Kenya.

savannah Hub

Comprising 520 combined acres of degraded savannah and intensively farmed land under restoration, this hub features the most diverse tree nursery in the Maasai Mara, with over 35 indigenous tree species represented.


A collaborative, Global Biodiversity Hub under construction.

What is a Global Biodiversity Standard Hub?

The Global Biodiversity Standard (GBS) is a site-based certification and mentoring program that assesses and recognizes best practices in tree-planting and Nature-based Solution projects that protect, restore and enhance biodiversity.

How do we connect to this?

The GBS is spearheaded by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and implemented by hubs in different countries. In Kenya, CER-K is the only implementing partner and has been actively involved in trialling and improving the GBS assessment methodology as well as in co-authoring the GBS manual for Assessment and Best Practices.