Through our Coastal Hub, we are collaborating with partner organisations to ensure the legacy of existing restoration projects in Kilifi by centralising key ecological data.


Elevation range:


Average temp:

Average rainfall:

Kilifi county

 60 – 150  meters

Coastal Rag Forest


300 mm per year



To restore Kenya's degraded coastal habitats


To establish a botanic garden and an arboretum


To engage in partnerships with other coastal organisations


To conduct research on coastal ecosystems to inform best restoration practices



Costal Hub Partners

Vanga Blue Forest

Vanga Blue Forest (VBF) is a community led conservation with participation of 974 households.
CER-K’s role has been to monitor this project for Plan Vivo and incentivise long-term protection and restoration of mangrove forests by involving local communities and ensuring their benefits.

Dakatcha Woodland

Dakatcha woodland is an unprotected forest patch with high biodiversity.
It is a targeted area for charcoal production and pineapple farming.
CER-K’s role is to support in developing a restoration action plan for the area.

Green Heart of Kenya

The Green Heart Corridors is a 42-Ha conservation area within the Green Heart of Kenya, aimed at re-establishing and protecting flora and fauna biodiversity. CER-K role is to support advising on restoration plan and monitoring.

Kaya Kambe

The Kaya Forests are the ancestral homelands of nine Mijikenda tribes: the Giriama, Digo, Duruma, Rabai, Kauma, Ribe, Jibana, Kambe, and Chonyi. These forests are sacred, and harbour incredible biodiversity, but have been under incessant deforestation.

Arabuko Sokoke

Arabuko Sokoke is a National Forest Reserve, one of the last remnants of Kenya’s ancient coastal forests. It harbours many endemic species.


The Coastal Hub Inception Workshop, held in Kilifi on March 1st-2nd 2023, was a gathering of diverse actors linked in our efforts to restore Kenya’s coastal habitats. Over the course of two days, the workshop provided a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas, resulting in a deeper understanding of the current state of coastal ecosystems in Kenya and of the next shared steps to be taken.