Save the trees

Key Issues

We are at the forefront of climate change



One-third of the Earth’s land surface is degraded and unable to function properly. This loss of functionality leads to increased poverty and adverse climate change because of the decreasing forests and ecosystems that mitigate climate change. This spirals to other environmental problems including climate change.



Adverse climate change leads to increased land degradation and biodiversity loss.



Biodiversity loss causes landscape degradation and the negative cycle continues unless specific and strategic efforts are made to stem it and restore what is degraded.

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Trees Planted

Degrading landscapes of East Africa

Ecosystems and healthy habitats within them are critical to life on Earth. They provide a range of vital ecosystem services. Despite their importance, ecosystems in East Africa face numerous challenges;
They are being lost, degraded, and fragmented in a drastic and unsustainable manner, because of logging, conversion to agriculture, human settlement, and infrastructure development, all of which take place at a pace that far exceeds conservation efforts.
To reverse the continued loss of these ecosystems in East Africa, it is crucial to use scientific and pragmatic interventions that are grounded in the local context. Lack of native plant material , and a shortfall in expertise, are major set-backs in restoration work to address this ecological imbalance .