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Buy tree seeds from a trusted source for affordable and high-quality indigenous tree seeds in Kenya. Our exclusive price list features a diverse selection of seeds collected from over 140 community networks, spanning across the Highland and Savanna ecosystems.

Our hubs

We operate in three ecosystem restoration hubs across distinct Kenyan biomes.

Highland Hub

Savannah Hub

Coastal Hub

Conservation successes of 2023

A population of Croton alienus found in Gonde forest, Nyeri county- Endangered tree species according to IUCN.
2000 seedlings of Uvariodendron anisatum a vulnerable species according to IUCN red list propagated in the greenhouse
Planted 10,000 understory plants in the Highland Hubs indigenous forest
2,300 seedlings of Brucea macrocarpa and Pavetta teitana germinated under greenhouse conditions
1,730 and 870 seedlings of Uvariodendron anisatum (Vulnerable) and Brucea macrocarpa ( Endangered), respectively potted and being monitored for survival